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タイトル: Cyclic deformation, dislocation structure, and internal fatigue crack generation in a Ti-Fe-O alloy at liquid nitrogen temperature
著者: Yokoyama, Hisanaga
Umezawa, Osamu
Nagai, Kotobu
Suzuki, Takashi
Kokubo, Kunio
ヨコヤマ, ヒサナガ
ウメザワ, オサム
ナガイ, コトブ
スズキ, タカシ
コクボ, クニオ
発行日: 11月-2000
出版者: ASM International
抄録: To clarify the internal fatigue crack generation in a Ti-Fe-O (near α-type) alloy, microstructures, internal fatigue crack initiation sites, and dislocation structures in samples fractured during high-cycle fatigue tests at liquid nitrogen temperature were studied. The alloy contained two kinds of elongated α-phase microstructures, i.e., recovered α grains and recrystallized α grains. Untested samples contained mobile dislocations in recovered αgrains, but in recrystallized α grains, any dislocations were observed. Internal crack initiation sites were formed transgranularly and were related to the recrystallized α grain region, judging from their morphology, size, and chemistry. Dislocations in revovered α grains were rearranged after cyclic loading in either {0110}-<1120> planar arrays or subgrain structures due to dislocation annihilation. Few dislocations were seen in recrystallized α grains. We discuss the relationship between localized strain incompatibility due to coplanar arrays in recovered α grains and transgranular cracking in recrystallized α grains, and propose a model for fatigue crack generation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10131/7913
出現コレクション:5-1 学術雑誌論文


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